3/8 Hydraulic Hose Review

3/8 Hydraulic Hose Review

3/8 hydraulic hose
3/8″ hydraulic hose

3/8 hydraulic hose is commonly used with a 3/8″ inner diameter in many kinds of agricultural, construction, and mining machine, 3/8 is only an indicator of a hydraulic hose in its dimension. In fact, much information is below the surface of this type of hydraulic hose, it involves the reinforced pattern, multiple layers, materials, and their performance in working pressure, bend radius, and other parameters.

In this article, we will dive into the details to figure out this common dimension in different hydraulic hose types.

Simplify hydraulic hose dimensions with dash size

Dash size notation is a general method to indicate the dimension of a specific hose or hydraulic fittings in the hydraulic industry, one inch is generally divided by 16, and each section is 1/16″, in dash size nomenclature, we call this dash one, 2/16 means dash two, and 3/8 equal 6/16, it indicates dash 6. so we call 3/8 hydraulic hose as dash 6 hydraulic hose.

dash size nomenclature in hydraulic hose

3/8 hydraulic hose is 3/8 inch in inner diameter dimension, and 3/8 inch equals to 9.5 millimeter. The following content will center around this dimension to elaborate on different types of hydraulic hoses.

Comparison of 3/8 hydraulic hose in different types

3/8’’ Hydraulic Hose TypeDashInner Diameter (I.D) in mmOuter Diameter (O.D) in mmWorking Pressure (W.P) in PSIBending Radius (BR) in mmReinforcement construction
SAE 100R7R7-069.517.0224851textile braided one layer, thermoplastic
SAE 100R8R8-069.517.0400275textile braided two layers, thermoplastic
SAE 100R3R3-069.518.41131100textile braided one layer
SAE 100R6R6-069.515.740675textitle braided two layers
SAE 100R1AT / EN853 1SN1SN-069.517.12610130steel wire braided one layer
R2AT / EN853 2SN2SN-069.518.94785125steel wire braided two layers
EN857 1SC1SC-069.516.9261090steel wire braided one layer, compact
EN857 2SC2SC-069.518.3478590steel wire braided two layers, compact
SAE 100R9R9-069.520.86453180steel wire spiral, four layers
EN856 4SP4SP-069.520.86453180steel wire spiral, four layers

3/8 hydraulic hoses features differ in different types

We can conclude from the above table, although the hydraulic hoses have the same inner diameter 3/8″(9.5mm), they vary significantly in their features, since they adopt different materials and reinforcement constructions.

In terms of materials, hydraulic hoses are made of thermoplastic or synthetic rubber, the latter account for the most part of all the applications.

SAE 100R7 Sinopulse
SAE 100R8 Sinopulse

Thermoplastic has perfect features in electrically insulating effect, and chemical resistance, and is often sold under the 100R7 and 100R8 definitions, they often find their application in mobile equipment for electrical utilities and low-pressure scenarios and not high-temperature applications.

In terms of reinforcement construction, you can find that pressure rating increases in this way:

textile braided < steel wire braided < steel wire spiral and from one layer to multiple layers.

SAE 100R3 hydraulic hose
SAE 100R6 hydraulic hose

SAE 100R3 and 100R6 are fiber-reinforced hydraulic hoses, the fiber is polyester, and they have more flexible properties and low bend radius, thus, they can be mounted in a limited room, but unfortunately, they are only suitable for low- or medium-pressure scenarios.

SAE 100R1AT EN853 1SN

SAE 100R1 is a 1-wire braided hydraulic hose, the 3/8″ hydraulic hose working pressure is 2610PSI, the inner tube is extruded with Nitrile rubber and other ingredients, and it can be compatible with petrol- or water-based hydraulic fluid.

SAE 100R2AT EN853 2SN

SAE 100R2 is a 2-wire braided hydraulic hose, and the working pressure is 4785PSI, that is designed for medium-pressure use with air, water, hot oil, grease, lubricants, and high-temperature hydraulic fluids made of petroleum.

EN857 1SC hydraulic hose

EN857 1SC and EN857 2SC hydraulic hoses are stipulated in the DIN EN series standard, they are similar to the SAE 100R series, but more popular in the EU market, the alphabet C in the EN857 1SC means “compact”, they have a thinner outer diameter than their counterparts EN853 1SN(SAE 100R1) and EN853 2SN(SAE 100R2) and more flexible in bend radius.

SAE 100R9hydraulic hose

SAE 100R9 is a spiral-wound hydraulic hose, its working pressure in 3/8″ inner diameter is 6453PSI, and it is used in high-impulse and heavy-duty applications like large construction machines, mining machines, and dump trucks, but the four-spiral wound reinforcement makes the hydraulic hose more rigid and it needs more room to mount them on the equipment.

EN856 4SP hdyraulic hose

EN856 4SP is also a four spiral wound hydraulic hose, and its working pressure is 6453PSI, it has a similar usage with SAE 100R9.

Hydraulic hose accessories which match the 3/8″ hydraulic hose explained

When making a specific dimension hydraulic assembly, we combine the hydraulic hose, hydraulic ferrule, and hydraulic fitting altogether, and crimple them on the hose crimping machine. for 3/8″ hydraulic hose assemblies, we pick up the matched accessories to help you quickly find your needs.

SAE 100R7 or SAE 100R8 matches with hose ferrule 00018-06.

SAE 100R1AT / EN853 1SN matches with hose ferrule 00100-06 for skive use, and 00110-06 for non-skive use.

SAE 100R2AT / EN853 2SN matches with hose ferrule 00200-06 for skive use, and 00210-06 for non-skive use.

SAE 100R1AT / EN853 1SN or SAE 100R2AT / EN853 2SN also match with hose ferrule 03310-06 for multiple purposes.

SAE 100R9 and EN856 4SP match with hose ferrule 00400-06 for skive use, 00401-06 for non-skive use.

Since there are many options in thread type, connection type, and bend angle, I can’t list all the hydraulic fittings matched. but it should be mentioned that the in the hydraulic fitting series code, the last part is -06 which matches the 3/8″ hydraulic hose, for instance, 22691-06-06, 20211-18-06, 10611-18-06, etc.

Flow capacity for 3/8″ hydraulic hose

In the flow capacity nomogram below, if we determined the hose inner diameter is 3/8″, the right velocity is based on our experience in usage, draw a straight line through the two determined points and extend it to the left gauge, we can get the flow volume per minute, so confirm if the flow capacity meets your requirement. it is about 6.5 gallons per minute for pressure lines.

Flow capacity nomogram


In the above content, we present a thorough explanation of the 3/8 hydraulic hose, especially, in different types of reinforcement construction, SAE 100R3 and 100R6 are reinforced with textile braid, and they are used in low-pressure applications or as return lines, SAE 100R1AT and 100R2AT are reinforced with steel wire braid, and they are used in medium pressure scenarios, SAE 100R9 and EN856 2SP are four layer spiral wound hydraulic hose for high-pressure and high impulse application.

You can get matched hose ferrules and hydraulic fittings we recommended above and confirm your flow capacity for the chart.

They are typically representatives of all hydraulic hoses, for more range of hydraulic hoses, you can refer to our hydraulic hose category.

If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us, Sinopulse will always be here to serve you.


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