Best UHMWPE Chemical Hose Review

Best UHMWPE Chemical Hose Review

The UHMWPE chemical hose’s structure offers flexibility, full suction capabilities, and kink resistance. Over 95% of all regularly used chemicals, solvents, and acids are resistant to UHMWPE chemical suction and delivery.

Best UHMWPE chemical hose review

In this piece, we’ll go over frequently asked questions on UHMWPE Chemical Hoses.

What are UHMWPE Chemical Hoses and their Structure?

A transparent, food-grade UHMWPE liner is used to create UHMWPE Chemical Hose. High-tensile synthetic fabric, steel wire helix, and anti-static copper wire are used as reinforcement. It has several key features, including suction and discharge of all corrosive compounds, particularly strong aromatic solvents, and resistance to weather, ozone, and abrasion.

A rubber chemical suction and discharge hose are lightweight, flexible, and effective at handling various chemicals, petroleum products, and oils. It has unique multi-ply design makes it crush and kink-resistant, making it ideal for use in demanding abusive transfer applications. Almost every common industrial chemical used today may be transferred using the hose.

Structure Type: UHMWPE Lined

Application: Appropriate for food and drinks as well as for the suction and delivery of acids and chemicals

Temperature: -40°C (-40°F) to +120°C (+248°F).

Tube: Transparent ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene reinforced with steel helix wires inserted in high-tensile textile cords.

Cover: abrasion- and ozone-resistant blue EPDM.

Reinforcement: High-strength synthetic rope and helix wire

Are UHMWPE Hoses Acid Resistant?

Yes, UHMWPE Hoses are Acid resistant as some of these rubber hoses carry Acid. 

What are Food-grade UHMWPE Hoses and their Application?

This rubber hose is recommended for unique applications that need clean, smooth tubes. For food transfer applications requiring flexibility and toughness, it is advised to use a clean, white FDA ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tube. These food-grade tubes are flavorless and odorless for all transfer applications. This very smooth, microbe-resistant tube is constructed on unique stainless steel mandrels for cleanliness.

Application: FDA-approved food hose made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tube is used to transport products for handling food, medicines, and all corrosive chemicals.

Temperature: -10°C (-4°F) to 93°C (+200°F)

Is UHMW FDA Approved?

UHMW-PE has received approval from the FDA and USDA for use in food processing and medicinal applications.

How Flexible are UHMWPE Hoses?

UHMW is exceptionally flexible and may be made for corrugated EPDM covers. It is suited for suctioning and discharging high concentrations of 98% chemicals, solvents, and corrosive liquids.

Where are Corrugated UHMWPE Chemical Hoses Applied?

The distribution of xylene, acetone, butanone, cyclohexanone, butyl, ethyl ester, acid, alkali, chlorinated hydrocarbon, alcohol, etc., is suited for corrugated UHMWPE chemical hoses. They are extensively employed in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other sectors.

Compared to conventional smooth-cover chemical hoses, a corrugated EPDM rubber cover offers greater flexibility and weather resistance.


We hope you have an insight on what UHMWPE Hoses are, their structures, features and applications. Let us know if you need further help on these type of hose.


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