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Created time:     May 13, 2023

Industrial rubber hoses find wide applications in many fields, they can transport any fluids from one point to another including gas, liquid, and even solid materials, different applications have their individual constructions and source of materials, in this article, I will guide you to learn a variety of rubber hoses used in industrial fields. Industrial […]

Created time:     May 11, 2023

Since there are a variety of industrial rubber hoses with different constructions in the hose application fields, their usage conditions are not identical. Making sense of rubber hose usage precautions is vital when choosing the correct rubber hoses for specific applications. The service life of the industrial rubber hoses lies in not only the quality […]

Created time:     April 24, 2023

In the hydraulic hose field, it is well known that hydraulic hoses can withstand high pressure because they are reinforced with textile or steel wire, and the spiral hydraulic hose is the king to sustain ultra-high pressure in their applications. From the perspective of most hydraulic hose suppliers, spiral hydraulic hoses are regarded as high-pressure […]

Created time:     April 17, 2023

When we design our hydraulic system project or replace the old system, an important question always comes to our mind, how do we make the proper hydraulic hose selection, to ensure safe application with reliable sense and prolong their service life? Many experts come down to the STAMPED solutions to resolve this issue, and they […]

Created time:     April 15, 2023

Hydraulic hoses are widely used in construction machines, forestry machines, and mining machines all over the world, they contribute to the production activities of human beings, but do you consider how people living in extremely cold areas develop their construction and production, how can these machines run smoothly in the low temperature, how the hydraulic […]

Created time:     April 6, 2023

Hydraulic hoses are meant to convey pressurized hydraulic fluid, hydraulic hose pressure rating is crucial to the ultimate users, it not only relates to the lifespan of the hydraulic hoses but also, contributes to the safety of the users and other components of the machine. So, a hydraulic hose pressure test is necessary for each […]

Created time:     March 24, 2023

You can’t go around without talking about the thread when it comes to hydraulic fittings. There are a variety of thread types in the market, According to the thread profile, it can be divided into ordinary thread, pipe thread, trapezoidal thread, rectangular thread, serrated thread, etc. The first two are mainly used for connection, and […]

Created time:     March 20, 2023

In the world of industrial hydraulics, fittings are paramount. The system operates because they’re the key to keeping high-pressure fluids connected. And if you’ve ever seen a hydraulic system leak, you know exactly how unsafe that can be. It pays to become familiar with the four seal types of hydraulic fittings. By doing so, you […]

Created time:     March 18, 2023

Sinopulse Group is a professional hydraulic hose manufacturer in China, the factory is located in Feixiang economic development zone, Handan City, Hebei province. Yale Cao is the business founder of Sinopulse Group and is currently the president of the company, The company has more than 60 employees distributed in the production department and sales department(Shijiazhuang, […]

Created time:     March 9, 2023

When you buy hydraulic fittings from SINOPULSE or other suppliers in China, it is inevitable to figure out the sequence code of hydraulic fittings. This hydraulic fitting code explanation is your best guide to understanding the code.

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