Figure Out Screw Thread Type of Hydraulic Fittings

screw thread type of hydraulic fittings

You can’t go around without talking about the thread when it comes to hydraulic fittings. There are a variety of thread types in the market, According to the thread profile, it can be divided into ordinary thread, pipe thread, trapezoidal thread, rectangular thread, serrated thread, etc. The first two are mainly used for connection, and […]

The 4 Seal Types of Hydraulic Fittings

4 seal types of hydraulic fittings

In the world of industrial hydraulics, fittings are paramount. The system operates because they’re the key to keeping high-pressure fluids connected. And if you’ve ever seen a hydraulic system leak, you know exactly how unsafe that can be. It pays to become familiar with the four seal types of hydraulic fittings. By doing so, you […]

The Ultimate Guide to Identify Hydraulic Fittings You Required

how to identify hydraulic fittings

Sinopulse Group specializes in fabricating all kinds of rubber hydraulic hoses, supplying a wide range of hydraulic fittings applicable to almost all machinery requiring hydraulic fluid conveying systems. But you may wonder there are a variety of types and dimensions of hydraulic hose fittings in the different regional hydraulic markets, for instance, European markets have […]