Hydraulic hose fitting

Hydraulic fitting on the market varies in different regions, and each type has its history of usage and origin. How can we choose the right one from thousands of hydraulic fittings?

We can use five fundamental dimensions to define them: Thread type, Connect Type, Bending angle,  Tail type and Seal Type.

Just like the fitting diagram shown below, you can efficiently choose the right one and get PART No. to make an order.

The dimension available:

Tail Type:  swaged, interlock, socketless, reusable;

Thread Type: metric, JIC, Bspt, Bspp, Npsm, ORFS, SAE, NPT, JIS, MT.

Connection Type:  Male, Female, Flange, Standpipe, Banjo, StapleLock.

Bending Angle: 90°, 45°, Straight.

If you determine the specific parameter respectively and submit the form, you can get corresponding items with different seal types.

hydraulic fitting diagram
Common Fittings
One-piece Fittings

For example:

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