Hydraulic Hose Pressure Test

Hydraulic Hose Pressure Test

Hydraulic hoses are meant to convey pressurized hydraulic fluid, hydraulic hose pressure rating is crucial to the ultimate users, it not only relates to the lifespan of the hydraulic hoses but also, contributes to the safety of the users and other components of the machine. So, a hydraulic hose pressure test is necessary for each user and hose manufacturer to evaluate the hydraulic hose quality.

As a hydraulic hose manufacturer, several hydraulic hose pressure tests are must-conduct to ensure the hose quality is under control, they are involved in impulse pressure testing, burst pressure testing, and proof pressure testing, in this article, we will introduce the three common tests after production.

Hose pressure testing is vital for hydraulic hose

Why do we take more emphasis on the pressure test on our final products? In the manufacturing process, the hydraulic hoses are reinforced with braided or spiral steel wire to withstand the pressurized hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic system.

Hose pressure testing aims to examine the quality of the hydraulic hose, impulsing pressure testing can reflect the service life of the hydraulic hose by hundreds of thousands of impulse cycles. Burst pressure testing can acquire the highest pressure when the hose was being pressured up to the burst point. Proof pressure testing is a simple method to inject water into the finished hose and pressurizing it to test if some leakage exists on the wall of the hose.

Impulse pressure testing

The impulse test is stipulated in the SAE J517 Standards, and it creates high- and low-pressure pulses on the hydraulic assemblies to stimulate common machine usage and on/off cycles.

SAE J517 standard presented a table to indicate the impulse test temperature of the hydraulic media, the impulse pressure, and the minimum cycles for every type of hydraulic hose in the series SAE 100R1~R19.

impulse pressure testing
Impulse pressure testing

Burst pressure testing

The burst pressure is the maximum pressure when a specific hydraulic hose is pressurized up to explosion or rupture in the hydraulic assemblies.

It is the top pressure limit for a hydraulic hose to be ruined, once the pressure exceeds burst pressure, the hydraulic hose will no longer be used, but of course, when we select a hydraulic hose we should assure the actual pressure be lower that the working pressure given by the hydraulic hose manufacturer. Burst pressure only makes sense when it comes to safety range.

burst pressure testing
Burst pressure testing

In most cases, hydraulic hoses are rated 4:1 safety factor, that is the ratio between the burst pressure and the working pressure, considering the hazard of hydraulic hoses explosion on the field, keeping a 4:1 safety factor or even more is necessary.

Always remember to pick hydraulic hoses with actual pressure below working pressure.

Proof pressure testing

When a hydraulic hose is manufactured after several complicated and rigorously controlled procedures, it should be tested under 1.8 times working pressure for at least 30 seconds. That is called proof pressure testing.

It is a simple test for quick-test pressure hoses but a must-do before they are packaged and stored, and it aims to test if there is leakage, pinhole, or rupture on the wall of the hose. Once it happens, this hydraulic hose will be cut into bulk products for sale. In other words, we ensure every hose is sold in good condition and without any drawbacks.

Proof pressure test with water after production


Hydraulic hoses convey pressurized fluid when they are at work, and withstanding the pressure is their obligation once they are produced, hydraulic hose manufacturers are obligated to offer hydraulic hoses which conform to, even exceed the related standards. Hence, it is a must-do for us to conduct hydraulic hose pressure testing for each batch of hydraulic hose.

Sinopulse Group has manufactured hydraulic hoses for many years, our products have been accepted by hundreds of clients from all over the words, we assure our quality and reputation through strict QC and hose pressure testing, and we are responsible for every hose we sold.

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