Hydraulic Hose Protection

Hydraulic Hose Protection

how to wrap a hydrualic hose for protection
How to wrap a hydraulic hose for protection

Hydraulic hose protection is a must-do for many applications.

Hydraulic hoses are often used in harsh conditions, so they need to be protected properly to last longer. In the engineering environment, hydraulic hoses are often installed on mobile equipment that is used outside. As the equipment moves, the hydraulic hose moves with it. The friction between the moving parts of the hydraulic hose and other equipment causes damage to the skin over time. The steel wire reinforcement layer of the hydraulic hose is then exposed to the air, which is called oxidation.

Splashing metal pieces and welding slag in an engineering environment can also damage hydraulic hoses and cause them to stop working when they shouldn’t.

Because of this, the hydraulic hoses need to be covered with protective clothing so they can stand up to the wear and tear and mechanical impact of use.

How to protect a hydraulic hose

The most common method for protecting hydraulic hoses on mobile machines is nylon sleeving, colorful polyurethane sleeves, flat spiral plastic wrap, spiral steel wrap, and wire spring guard.

Nylon Hose Sleeves

The nylon sleeve covers the entire hose assembly from one end to the other. To replace the nylon sleeve, the hose must be removed from the clips that attach it securely to the top of the fitting at both ends. Nylon is resistant to friction, cuts, and kinks, and it also provides a protective barrier against environmental contaminants such as oil and sediment.

Hydraulic hose  protective sleeves
Hydraulic hose nylon protective sleeves

It is worth stating that some nylon protective sleeves have functions in fire resistance, if it comes across fire or overheats, the sleeve can extinguish the fire and prevent the inner hose from being burned.

Colorful polyurethane hose sleeves

Polyurethane is a polymer substance with good abrasion resistance and some flexibility. When many hoses are installed in parallel, the variety of colors makes it easy to recognize the pipes.

Flat plastic spiral wrap

Spiral Wrap is comprised of a number of tough plastics, including high-density polyethylene, and is extremely robust and durable. The spiral wrap provides numerous advantages, including field installation while the hose remains on the machine. Although it offers little protection from the environment, it does give great friction and wear protection.

spiral plastic hose wrap
spiral plastic hose wrap

Flat spiral plastic wrap has excellent recovery memory to maximize hose coverage; after wrapping the hose, it will recover to its original status to tightly surround the hose; however, keep in mind that flat spiral plastic wrap has different specifications; remember to select the matching specification with the specific hydraulic hose.

Steel spring hose guard

Spring guards are, as the name suggests, wrapped steel springs that are usually zinc-plated for corrosion resistance. They are available in a variety of diameters that are somewhat larger than the hose OD. They simply slide over the hose to install and are available in conventional lengths or bulk coils that may be trimmed to fit.

steel spring hose guard
steel spring hose guard

Steel-spring hose guards protect and support hydraulic hoses. They’re typically seen on construction equipment, but they can be employed in any application that requires resistance to abrasion, cuts, deep gouges, impact, and unintentional compression.


The outside skin of hydraulic hoses should be protected by covering them in protection in order to increase their lifespan. This is done primarily to obstruct mechanical forces, the mutual movement of membrane materials, and contaminant erosion. Providing a wide selection of hydraulic hoses, hydraulic couplings, buckling machines, hydraulic hose guards, and other related items.

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