How To Make Hydraulic Hose Assembly Step By Step

How To Make Hydraulic Hose Assembly Step By Step

Hydraulic hose assemblies integrate some hydraulic components like valves, pumps, reservoirs, and actuators together, that form a seal system. Hydraulic fluid under the pressure power flows to deliver hydraulic power from pumps to the actuators to accomplish specific tasks. thus, it is crucial for hydraulic assembly to be eligible to sustain certain pressure. In this article, we will show you how to make hydraulic hose assembly step by step.

how to make hydraulic hose assembly

Hydraulic hose assembly consists of a hydraulic hose, and hydraulic fittings at the two ends of the hose, and as far as divided hydraulic fitting is concerned, hydraulic fittings include hose ferrules and hose connectors(fitting), one-piece hydraulic fittings are more convenient to be assembled.

Prerequisite to make hydraulic hose assembly

  • Hydraulic hose
  • Hydraulic fitting (connector)
  • Hose ferrule
  • Hose lubricant
  • Box ruler & caplier
  • Safety gear
  • Cutting machine & crimping machine

Measure the hydraulic hose and cut it to the length you require

Firstly, you should determine the length of your hydraulic hose, measure the old one you want to replace, or gauge the room on the equipment and keep a margin for the possible bend.

And then cut the hydraulic hose to the length you want, clean the cutting surface, and remove glitches with the file if necessary.

Choose the right hydraulic fittings for your hydraulic assembly

As far as divided hydraulic fittings are concerned, these fittings include hose ferrules and hydraulic connectors, you must choose the right accessory to match each other, there are different hose ferrules that match textile braided, steel wire braided, or spiral wound hydraulic hoses, the hydraulic connectors have hundreds of combinations due to different dimensions in thread type, connection port, seal type, bending angle. note that the hydraulic fittings can match your hydraulic hose and they can be mounted on your machine rightly.

Divided hydraulic fittings (ferrule and connector)
One-piece hydraulic fitting

And for one-piece hydraulic fitting, it seems easier than the divided counterpart, it is ok if you choose the right nipple that matches the hose’s inner diameter and the right connector type that matches the mated thread.

Verify the dimensions of the hose and fittings and push on the hose fittings

In case you prepare the right hose and fittings, try to assemble them together, first of all, put the hose ferrule on the hose end, and push them along the hose until the inner wall completely touches the hose. And then insert the nipple of the hydraulic connector into the inner diameter of the hose, and push it until the cutting surface of the hose arrives at the root of the fitting and touches the boss.

Assemble divided hydraulic fitting
Assemble one-piece hydrulaic fitting

And next, assemble the other end in the same way, when the hydraulic fittings have a bending angle, you should adjust their orientation before crimping, in order to mount them on the equipment to avoid kinks or twists.

Crimping hydraulic hose with hose crimping machine

When assembling the hydraulic hose and fittings manually, it is time to open the hose crimping machine and then select the right die and configure the diameter. and next, insert the end of the hose into the hole of the die, trigger the electricity, pull back the die and compress the ferrule, when the die completely closes, the hydraulic fitting will tightly be locked at the end of the hose.

Cleaning your hydraulic assembly and package

When the two ends of the hydraulic hoses are finished, the hydraulic hose assembly will make it. and then clean the hydraulic hose assembly with compressed air or brushes, removing all of the contaminants to prevent them from entering hydraulic fluid.

Finally, wrap them up with hot shrink film at the end and pack them in a plastic package.

Final thought

Assembling a hydraulic hose assembly is not difficult for most skilled workers, but the two most important points are choosing the right hydraulic hose, hydraulic fittings, and hydraulic ferrules which match each other, and being skilled in manipulating hose crimping machines.

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