Pneumatic Connector

Pneumatic Connector Pneumatic fittings Pneumatic push-in fittings provide leak-free connections to easily connect to hoses and pipes within air compression system. Pneumatic Quick Couplings Pneumatic quick couplers are mainly applied in pneumatic applications, connecting air tools, hoses, or other implements to compressed air supplies.

Hydraulic Connector

Hydraulic Connector Hydraulic fittings Hydraulic fittings are assembled at the end of hydraulic hoses with the crimping machine and connect other components in the hydraulic system, variety of different specifications fitting is available here. Hydraulic ferrules Hydraulic ferrules are the partners of the hydraulic fittings, they are wrapped around the hose end and cramped to […]

Hydraulic Adapter

Hydraulic Adapters Fabrication Base Glance Sinopulse Factory Door Merging Steel Wires Measuring Gravity Gap Mixing Raw Materials Pipe Mandrel Reel Fabricating… Fabricating… Hydraulic Hose After Braided Measuring O.D After Braided Measuring Unit Distance Measuring O.D After Extruding Rubber Testing Pulse of Finished Product Tracing Card of Quality Control Contact Form Call Us Or Fill The […]

Hydraulic Hose Machine

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Concrete Pump Hose

Concrete Pump Hose See more Concrete Pump Hose alias: concrete delivery hose, concrete placement hose, concrete truck hose Concrete delivery hose is used as a discharge hose on the delivery end of high pressure concrete pumps as well as for handling wet concrete with high head pressures at the key flex areas of a concrete […]

Oil Suction and Discharge Hose

Oil Suction and Discharge Hose See more The Oil and Fuel Suction Hose is intended for suction and discharge from truck and car tanks. Suction and delivery hoses for petroleum, oil, and gasoline are designed for long-term use in heavy-duty applications. Made of synthetic rubber that is resistant to oil and oil products, with a […]

Fuel Oil Rubber Hose

Fuel Oil Rubber Hose See more Rubber oil hose can also be referred to as rubber fuel oil hose, flexible oil resistant hose, fuel and oil tube, and fuel oil pipe line. It is suitable for transporting gasoline, kerosene, engine oil, lubricating oil, or other mineral oil at normal temperatures in industrial and mining machinery, […]