Compact High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

Compact high pressure hydraulic hoses have been increasingly used over the recent years and it is considered that their status in the hydraulic hose field merits the development of an SAE standard.

Hoses of this type are smaller in diameter than two wire braided hoses with similar performance characteristics specified in SAE 100R2, which gives them the ability to operate at smaller bend radii.

They are also lighter in weight and their compactness offers advantages when minimal space is available in installation. this hose can be manufactured as either a one wire braid or a two braid design and the hose shall be identified as to the number of braids.

In the EN series standard, EN 857 1SC, EN 857 2 SC are both compact hydraulic hose.

Compact high pressure hydraulic hose consist of an inner tube of oil resistant synthetic rubber, steel wire reinforcement according to hose design(one or two braids), and an oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover. A ply or braid of suitable material may be used over the inner tube and /or over the wire reinforcement to anchor the synthetic rubber to the wire.

Compact high pressure hydraulic hose can be used for medium pressure and high pressure lines with installation constrains in construction,machine tool and agricultural application field.

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