Constant Pressure Hydraulic Hose

As is well known to all hydraulic hose users, the hydraulic market offers a wide range of hydraulic hose specifications, making it difficult to make the right choice at times. The appearance of constant working pressure hydraulic hose appears to address this tricky issue.

The “constant pressure” hose specification classifies hose products according to their pressure rating, regardless of size. In essence, the specification ignores hose construction and assigns pressure ratings in 1,000-psi increments to all sizes in a hose series.

The constant pressure method, in theory, is a convenient way to simplify hose selection. Equipment manufacturers or integrators can assess their system’s pressure requirements and purchase a single series of hoses that meet that pressure rating. However, by classifying hoses solely based on their pressure rating, the constant pressure system may unintentionally obscure some important hose selection considerations. In practice, this “simple” method of selecting hoses isn’t as simple as it appears.

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