Fabric Ventilation Hose

Fabric ventilation hose

Fabric ventilation hose is made of PVC materials coated with polyester film in which steel wire is embedded with a hot-melt technique.

Fabric ventilation hose is mainly used to collect and exhaust gas from the limited room, as well as fume and light particles.

Fabric ventilation hose Features:

  • Temperature range: -20°C to +80°C;

  • High tensile strength, good resistance to vibration, and tearing.

  • Lightweight, highly flexible, and compressible up to 10:1;

  • Sizes range from 2” to 16” are all available;

  • Flame retardant;

  • Various couplings available, easy to assemble in ventilation system;

Fabric ventilation hose Applications:

As suction and transport hose ideal for 

• Air conditioning and ventilation of fumes,light duty dust extraction,and air movement; 

• As a flexible connection between grilles diffusers,fans and other air movement units; 

• Suction of engine exhaust gas;

• Exhaust gas technique, engine construction, engine warming, aircraft construction and military construction; 

• For flue gas extraction, blast furnace exhaust and engine test bench;

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