Fuel Oil Hose 20 Bar Smooth Surface

Fuel Oil hose 20 Bar smooth surface

Alias: fiber reinforcement oil rubber hose, rubber fuel hose, flexible reinforced oil hose.

The low temperature Fuel Oil Delivery Hose is designed to remain flexible in cold temperatures and provide superior oil resistance when transferring and delivering fuel oil and petroleum products for home delivery, commercial and industrial service. When reeling, the braided construction reduces kinking and twisting. The smooth cover has a low drag coefficient.

Fuel Oil hose 20 Bar smooth surface Feature:

Inner tube: black oil resistant rubber;

Reinforcement: single or multiple layer high tensile synthetic yarn braided;

Cover: Black, yellow, red, blue, NR/SBR rubber, smooth surface;

Temperature range: -20℃ to +100℃;

Main application: Delivery diesel oil, Petrol oil and gasoline;

Fuel Oil hose 20 Bar smooth surface Specification:

Hose TypeI.DO.DW.PB.P

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