Fuel Oil Hose 20 Bar Wrapped Surface

Fuel oil hose 20 Bar wrapped surface

Alias: flexible reinforced oil hose, fiber reinforcement rubber hose

Rubber multi-purpose fuel oil hose is ideal for delivering petroleum liquids, including unleaded gasoline, with up to 50% aromatic content. It is also suitable for gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and is very flexible for simple routing.

Fuel oil hose 20 Bar wrapped surface Feature:

Inner rubber: Black oil resistant rubber;

reinforcement: single or multiple layer high tensile synthetic yarn braided;

Cover: Black, Yellow, Red, Blue NR/SBR rubber, Wrapped surface.

Temperature range: -20℃ to 100℃;

Main application: Delivery diesel oil, petrol oil and gasoline.

Fuel oil hose 20 Bar wrapped surface Specification:

Hose TypeI.DO.DW.PB.P

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