Fuel Oil Rubber Hose

Rubber oil hose can also be referred to as rubber fuel oil hose, flexible oil resistant hose, fuel and oil tube, and fuel oil pipe line. It is suitable for transporting gasoline, kerosene, engine oil, lubricating oil, or other mineral oil at normal temperatures in industrial and mining machinery, oil depots, and terminals.

The flexible fuel oil rubber hose consist of three layers, inner tube with oil resistant synthetic rubber, out cover with weather & abrasion resistant synthetic rubber, and the reinforcement is high tensile textile braided with single layer or multiple layers in alternating directions.

Flexible rubber fuel oil hose is generally a fabric braided hose, and their pressure tolerance is relatively low when compared to steel wire braided hose. Textile braided rubber hose is more flexible, with a very small bend radius, making it suitable for many places even with limited space.

Why can these fuel oil rubber hoses withstand the corrosion of petroleum base fluid? Because most oil-based solvents can solve most rubber macromolecules, with the exception of nitrile rubber. Nitrile systhetic rubber (NBR) has a high resistance to oil and other petroleum-based fluids.

The fuel oil resistant nitrile rubber hoses we supplied are divided into two types in terms of appearance, wrapped surface and smooth surface, and for more specific appearance requirements from our clients, we can produce colorful hose products such as black, yellow, blue, and so on.

Fuel oil rubber hoses are typically 50 or 100 meters long per reel.

Fuel oil rubber hoses are typically 50 or 100 meters long per reel.

This fuel oil delivery hose has working pressure tolerance of 20 Bar, the safety ratio is 3, and is very flexible for simple routing.

It is perfect for use in in-plant operations, tank truck, terminal loading, and oil field service truck applications where a highly flexible, highly kink-resistant gasoline transfer hose is required. Draining the hose after use might increase hose life.

Sinopulse Group is a professional Chinese manufacturer of industrial rubber hose and hydraulic hoses. We have a complete rubber hose line and supply a variety of rubber products; additionally, we accept OEM rubber hose to meet our clients’ needs. Hydraulic fittings and general hose couplings are also available to match the hoses you select from us;  please contact us if you have any questions in this regard.

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