High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

High pressure hydraulic hoses have a working pressure more than 20 MPa and often include four or six spiral steel wire layers for reinforcement. These spiraled wire layers offer superior abrasion and kick resistance for long-lasting performance even under the most demanding working conditions.

Numerous fluid-power applications require hydraulic lines to handle high pressures. anything involving the use of heavy equipment, including manufacturing and agriculture.

Product construction for steel wire spiral hydraulic hose includes an inner tube, intermediate rubber layer, four or six spiral wire reinforcements, and a cover. Steel wire needs to be protected against corrosion and transmitted under pressure by the inner tube, while the wire needs to be shielded from harm by the outer tube. 

The structural component that offers reinforcement is the wire layer (0.3–2.0 reinforcement). Wires cross each other in this unusual structure, remaining parallel as they encircle the hose. In everything from lawn tractors to extremely huge machines, these hydraulic hoses deliver long-lasting performance.

High-pressure wire reinforcement hydraulic hose is typically used in mine hydraulic support, oil exploration, suitable for engineering construction, crane transportation, forging metallurgy, mining equipment, ships, injection molding equipment, agricultural machinery, and various machine tools.

It transports hydraulic fluids that are under specific pressure and temperature (for example, mineral oil, mineral oils fuels, fuel, lubrication), water-based fluids (for example, emulsion, oil-water emulsion), air, and fluids, in industry department mechanization and automatic hydraulic systems.

In this category, we list the wire spiral hydraulic hose as high pressure hydraulic hose

4SP—–Four wire spiral middle pressure hose 

4SH—–Four wire spiral high-pressure hose 

R12—–Four wire spiral high temperature and middle-pressure hose in abused condition 

R9  —– Four wire spiral high temperature and high-pressure hose in abused condition

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