Industrial Rubber Hose

In this context, an industrial hose is typically a rubber hose with a reinforcement layer. Its function is to transport fluids such as air, water, fuel oil, chemicals, powders, cement, foodstuffs, and so on from one end to the other under a certain pressure difference.

Selection and parameters of industrial hose

  • As previously stated, the naming and classification of industrial light is primarily determined by the occasion.
  • Working pressure is the most important factor in selecting industrial hoses. Choose an industrial suitable for allowed working pressure range to assure your security. There is a safety factor and a burst pressure for each kind of industrial hose can be a reference.
  • Watch for the temperature of the fluid being conveyed as well as the ambient temperature at working. Make it to ensure that the rubber hose is within hose material’s permissible working temperature range.
  • The selection of size is related to the flow requirements of the fluid conveyed. An internal diameter that is too large or too small will cause an energy loss.

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Application for industrial hose

Industrial rubber hoses are utilized in a broad variety of applications, including split transport, cement transport, gas transport, residential gardening hoses, gas hoses, and material handling hoses in manufacturing, engineering, industrial, and mining industries. Industrial rubber hoses are employed in a variety of settings, including industries, mines, building sites, forestry operations, and oil fields.

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