Low Pressure Hydraulic Hose

When it come to low pressure hydraulic rubber hose, we alway focus the words “low pressure”, but in hydraulic hose industry, there is no definite concept to tell what is low pressure hydraulic hose. Here we consider the hydraulic hose with 10 mpa working pressure or even below as low pressure hydraulic hose based on our experience.

The low pressure hydraulic hoses we are discussing here are fiber braid reinforced. The fiber is high strength polyester fibers that are combined in a stranding machine, and then in the production line through the braiding machine in a specific pattern to wrap the textile on the inner tube to counteract the pressure transmitted from the inner wall to play a reinforcing role.

It should be pointed that in particular that low pressure hydraulic return hose are normally used in the return part in the hydraulic circulation pipeline. apart from it textile reinforcement , it has a steel wire spiral layer, like SAE 100R4, it can support the skeleton of the hydraulic rubber hose in case that vacuum occurs.

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