PVC Mineral Sands Transmission Hose

PVC Mineral sands transmission hose

PVC mineral sands transmission hose is made of PVC plastic and reinforced with rigid PVC helix, it has high abrasion resistance and strong support against collapsing in suction sand or powder delivery.

they are ideal hoses for abrasive material sands, gravel, cement, powders, chips, and shavings.

Mineral sand transmission hose Features:

  • Temperature range: -20°C to 70°C;

  • PVC hose reinforced with anti-shock rigid PVC spiral;

  • High resistance against abrasion;

  • Chemical resistance, anti-static property on custom request;

  • High tensile strength and tear resistance;

  • Good resistance to oil;

Mineral sand transmission hose Specification:

I.D.O.D.ThicknessBend RadiusVacuumLengthPacking SizeVolume
1.1/2"38.1±0.549.1±1.55.5 1507503075*250.141 
2"50.8±1.062.8±1.56.0 1607503085*250.181 
2.1/2"63.5±1.076.5±1.56.5 18075030110*222.660 
3"76.2±1.090.2±1.57.0 21075030120*270.389 
4"101.6±1.5121.6±2.010.0 27075030150*350.788 
5"127.0±1.5149.0±2.011.0 35075020150*451.020 
6"152.4±1.5178.4±2.013.0 42075020160*551.408 
8"203.2±1.5229.2±2.013.0 48075020200*0.52

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