PU Braided Hose

PU Braided Hose

PU braided hose is reinforced with polyester yarn to impove its working pressure when used, PU braided hose is used to deliver gas, water, oil and other liquid fluid as well as for pneumatic system application.

PU braided tube can withstand more working pressure up to 15 bar than non-braied counterparts.

Ester-based polyurethane is less expensive but not good for moisture resistance, Ether-based polyurethane has better water-resistance , both of them are widely used.

PU Braided Hose Features:

  • Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C;

  • W.P. 15bar, B.P. 60bar;

  • Extremely flexible with good memory;

  • Kink and abrasion resistance;

  • Easy to assemble with put-to-connect coupling;

  • Low gas permeability, extractable and compression set;

  • Good resistance to chemicals, water, fuel, oil and fungus;

  • Multiple sizes and various colors available;

PU Braided Hose Applications:

Polyurethane coils can be used to deliver an abundance of liquids and gases, other applications include:

  • Water, fuel transfer;

  • Slurry transfer;

  • Insulating sleeves;

  • Industrial air tools;

  • Robotics applications;

PU Braided Hose Specifications:

Item NO.I.D. (mm)O.D. (mm)Standard length (m)

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