Portable Flexible Duct

Portable flexible duct

Portable flexible duct is made of polyvinyl chloride laminated fabric and supported by spiral steel wire which is covered with NBR wear strip.

A portable flexible duct tends to combine the portable fan to form simple ventilation systems, it finds its application in plants, tunnels, mining, and limited room.

Portable flexible duct Features:

  • Temperature range: -20°C to 80°C;

  • Collapsible and easy to carry;

  • Oil, acid and alkali resistant;

  • Steel wire spiral is abrasion resistant with rubber cover;

  • Many color optional;

  • Kink proof;

  • Flame retardant;

Portable flexible duct Applications:

  • Air conditioning and ventilation of fumes, light duty dust extraction, and air movement.

  • Widely used in these working environment such as airport, tunnel, basement, waste gas exhaust out.

  • As a flexible connection between grilles diffusers, fans and other air movement units.

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