PVC Combined Duct

PVC combined Duct

PVC combined duct is formed with PVC film outside and combined with Aluminum Foil as the inner lining which is embedded with spiral steel wire to support it.

The inner aluminum foil lining can withstand up to 150°C, it is more suitable for hot-resistant ventilation applications.

PVC combined Duct

  • Temperature range: -20° to 150°C;

  • High temperature resistance;

  • Good resistance to acid, alkaline, and corrosive chemicals;

  • Flame retardant, suitable for exhausting fume, smoke, and hot air;

  • Lightweight, flexible, and easy to carry;

  • anti-wear and anti-tear, durable for a long run;

PVC combined Duct

PVC combined duct is widely used in hot air ventilations due to it’s property:

  • Suction and blower hoses for hot air and gas up to +150 °C;

  • Air conditioning and ventilation of fumes,high-temperature gas, chemical gas;

  • Extraction of corrosive gases and fumes;

  • Chemical plants;

  • Transfer of hot and cold air;

  • Air conditioning/ventilation;

  • Vehicle construction;

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