PVC Gas Hose

PVC gas hose / LPG hose

PVC gas hose is conventionally used to convey liquid petroleum gas in some residential and commercial applications, it is also named as LPG hose, which is made of virginal polyvinyl chloride resin and reinforced with high tensile polyester yarns.

PVC gas / LPG hose Structure:

Tube: High-quality PVC resin;

Reinforcement: High-tensile polyester fiber, textile yarn;

Cover: High-quality PVC material with abrasion resistance;

PVC gas / LPG hose Features:

  • flexible with compact bend radius.

  • The diameter is in range from 1/4″ to 1/2″ ;

  • The working pressure is 2 Mpa , the safty factor is 3;

  • Black, red, yellow, blue and custom colors accepted;

  • Both smooth and corrugated surface are offered;

  • Temperature Range for use: -5°C to +65°C;

  • Standard length: 50m, 100m; and can be cut in any length, easy-to -use;

  • Interior tube: solvent resistance;

  • Exterior cover: weather resistant for durable use; abrasion resistant; oil resistant;

PVC gas / LPG hose Application:

  • Residential natural gas delivery for burner system.

  • Industrial gas discharge.

  • Outdoor grill & heater equipment.

PVC gas / LPG hose specification:

Inside DiameterOutside DiameterWorking PressureBurst PressureLength Max.WeightPacking Measurement D*H

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