Sandblast Rubber Hose

Sandblast Rubber Hose

Sandblasting rubber hose is comprised of a high abrasion resistance natural rubber as the inner tube, as well as multiple layers of fiber-reinforced rubber hose. Compared to an ordinary rubber hose, the inner tube of a sandblast rubber hose is significantly thicker in order to increase the abrasion resistance of the rubber hose and extend its service life.

Sandblast rubber hose Features:

Inner tube: Black NR/BR Compound synthetic rubber;

Reinforcement: Multiple textile cords;

Cover: Black, Wrapped surface, NR/SBR Rubber, Weather and Abrasion resistant.

Temperature range: -20℃ to +100℃;

Main application: Transportation of quartz, metal sand, polishing, metal surface rust and cement, anti-static;

Sandblast rubber hose specifications:

Hose TypeI.DLow PresureReinforced
High PressureReinforced

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