Coolant Silicone Hoses

Coolant Silicone Hoses

Coolant silicone hose is made of silicone rubber and reinforced with four plies of high tensile polyester fiber, it is heat and cold resistant, mainly used in coolant system in most vehicles like car, trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles.

Coolant Silicone Hoses Features:

  • Temperature range: -40°C to 220°C;

  • No taste, no toxic, eco-friendly;

  • Having physical laziness, good air permeability;

  • We offer OEM/ODM, 3D design and we can produce on your drawings;

  • Many colors available;

Coolant Silicone Hoses accessories:

Many shapes available:

  • 45 degree Elbow;

  • 90 degree Elbow;

  • 135 degree Elbow;

  • Straight Reducers;

  • 45 degree reducer Elbow;

  • 90 degree Reducer Elbow;

  • Straight Humps;

  • Type T Tube;

  • Vacuum Hose;

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