Welding Rubber Hose

Welding Rubber Hose

Welding hose also called flexible reinforced welding hose, rubber twin welding hose, reinforced twin welding hose pipe line.

Welding rubber hoses are used to transport welding gases to welding equipment, and are designed for carrying acetylene or oxygen.

Concrete Placement Hose Description:

Shielding gas or water can be delivered to a welding torch using inert gas welding hoses. One pipe for oxygen and another hose for welding fuel gases make up twin-line hoses. Single-line hoses have only one hose and are frequently used in applications where there is not enough room for a twin-line hose or where there are several gas sources.

Rubber Twin Welding Hose is a premium welding hose, Green hose for Oxygen and Red hose for Acetylene, Heat resistant EPDM tube and cover 2 spiral polyester yarn reinforcement, more flexible than braid reinforced hose, easier to coil and handle, Coiled coupled assemblies are available in lengths of 25 and 50 feet. It is compatible with the majority of today’s fuel gases, including acetylene, propane, and MAPP gas.

Welding Rubber Hose Features:


Inner tube: Black SBR rubber;

Reinforcement: High tensile polyester fiber spiral line.

Cover: Red, blue, Green SBR or EPDM rubber;

Main application: Used for welding equipment.

Welding Rubber Hose Specifications:

Hose TypeI.DO.DW.PB.P
DashInchmmthickness wall mmBarPSIBarPSI

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