Wire Braided Hydraulic Hose

Steel wire braid hydraulic hoses are made of synthetic rubber linings, reinforced with one or two braid steel wire layer(s) which enhance the tolerance of bear pressure and protect the inner tube against damage. and the outer cover that is oil and abrasive resistant, the weather resistant as well.

These hoses can bear high temperature, pressure,and vacuum.

Single wire braid hydraulic hose has one layer steel wire weaved as a reinforcement, and two wire braid hydraulic hose has two layers steel wire as reinforcements, which is separated by a synthetic rubber layer.

The hydraulic hose type AT shall be of the same construction as Type A, except having a cover designed to assemble wit fittings which do not require removal of the cover or a portion thereof.

The reinforcement material is the steel wire with copper plated, it has been proved that copper can improve the adhesiveness between the rubber and the metal reinforcement. the reinforcement is used to resist internal or external pressures.

The pressure resistance of the hose must be higher than the working pressure. The safety factor is defined as the ratio between the burst pressure and the maximum working pressure; for the hydraulic application , the safety factor is set to 4:1 by International Standard.

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