10 tips for rubber hose usage precautions

10 tips for rubber hose usage precautions

Since there are a variety of industrial rubber hoses with different constructions in the hose application fields, their usage conditions are not identical. Making sense of rubber hose usage precautions is vital when choosing the correct rubber hoses for specific applications.

rubber hose usage precaution

The service life of the industrial rubber hoses lies in not only the quality themselves but also the correct maintenance during their application. Even if the hoses are of excellent quality, their lifespan will contract without correct usage, what’s more, they perhaps do harm to your belongings. and now, I listed 10 tips to help you how to use rubber hoses correctly.

  1. You should strictly abide by the type and specifications when they are applied, don’t misuse them or with the wrong ones instead.
  2. Don’t overbend the rubber hoses to avoid deforming partly.
  3. The bending diameter of the suction rubber hose is not allowed less than 20 times the diameter of the rubber hose, in order to prevent the helical steel wire from being dislocated.
  4. The real pressure of the hose should be limited to the rated working pressure.
  5. The rubber hoses should not be crushed with some heavy stuff or other mechanical power, especially for these steel wire-supportive hoses.
  6. Keep your industrial hoses out of the sunshine and any other heat-creators.
  7. The hose should be flushed cleanly beforehand when they are put into use.
  8. Opt for the suitable metal fitting (type and dimension), and assemble them correctly, don’t damage the hose. it is crucial for those high-pressure hoses.
  9. When using high-pressure rubber hoses, the bend radius should be above the rated one, if they are over-bent, the pressure-sustaining efficiency will decrease, and fatigue prematurely.
  10. In order to prolong the service lifespan of the rubber hoses, periodical inspections should be conducted following the corresponding regulations, especially on occasions with pressure resistance, chemical resistance, and solvent resistance.

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