Sinopulse Service Commitment To Hydraulic Hoses

Sinopulse Service Commitment To Hydraulic Hoses

Sinopulse Group is a professional hydraulic hose manufacturer in China, the factory is located in Feixiang economic development zone, Handan City, Hebei province.

sinopulse service commitment to hydraulic hose business
“Ding“(left) was a sacrificial tool in ancient times in Chinese traditional culture and evolved into a symbol of keeping promises lately.

Yale Cao is the business founder of Sinopulse Group and is currently the president of the company, The company has more than 60 employees distributed in the production department and sales department(Shijiazhuang, The capital of Hebei province). This article describes sinopulse service commitment.

The origin of Sinopusle Group

Yale Cao, the president of Sinopulse

After graduating from the university in 1999, Yale Cao, the president of Sinopulse Group, had been engaged in the rubber production business and introduced famous brands like manuli hose into the domestic market. He has accumulated abundant experience in the hydraulic hose field and is an expert in the rubber production and marketing industry.

In 2011, A manufacturing basement was built in Handan, and began to recruit workers and train them, after several months of well-organized tanning, batches of hydraulic hoses were made and sold to the domestic and international market and were widely accepted by the clients.

Now, over the past 10 years, the production machines and facilities have been updated several times, and some advanced braid and spiral machines with Italy technology have been introduced and put into use, which improve the product quality and efficiency and decrease the cost of fabrication.

The Mission of Sinopulse Group

It is our responsibility to supply reliable hydraulic hoses and relative products in prices at a good value, and the client to make money, launch and boost their business, and be responsible for every hose we sold, ensure the quality, and permit to compensate for every hose with under quality.

Sinopusle has built a good reputation in cooperation with clients all over the world, and until last year the number of sales was up to 17 million dollars per year, which is the best witness of the trust of the users.

The Quality control Of Hydraulic Hose

Quality Control in the production process

The hydraulic hose manufacturing procedure is completed on the production line, it needs several processes from the materials to the finished hydraulic hose, on every production node, the param of the semi-product must be controlled strictly in the tolerance of allowing scope and be recorded on the tracing card as this batch identity card. thus we are clearly aware that how well the quality is for each batch.

The product line of hydraulic hose

“Realizing the digitization and traceability of production is our objective to improve our stability and quality of the products,” Yale said.

“We ensure not let unqualified products be out of the factory, and once that occurred, we must be responsible for each hose with drawbacks” Yale compensated on the meeting.

Help our clients to make money

When negotiating with clients in terms of the transaction case, It has never been the main objective to earn maximum profit, we pursue building reliable cooperation relations in the long-term based on our reliable quality products and competitive price, and we believe we can win-win.

The secret to accomplishing a win-win strategy for us is getting more orders, and decreasing the production costs or purchasing costs, giving our clients more profit room.

So, we are dedicated to building an efficient and complete supply chain, strictly controlling the management of quality, and helping our clients to save money.

Sinopulse office of sales department

We have a powerful client relationship management system(CRM), our clients are distributed in every corner of the world, and we can help our clients build individual marketing projects, and secure their marketing area and interest.

Compensation for products with drawbacks

Although we controlled the product quality in every section and we are sure of almost the quality of the products, we think there is a bit of product which can not meet the user’s requirement, and some with drawbacks, Don’t worry,

We are responsible for every piece of merchandise we sold;

We are responsible for every client and assure his satisfaction;

We are responsible for our client’s clients and help our clients acquire trust;

And We are responsible for the ultimate users of our hoses and help them to build their loyalty to our brand.

Online meetings are always available

Sinopulse group is dedicated to supplying hydraulic hoses and fittings, We put all our endeavors into this honored career, and we are willing to solve the problems our users encounter no matter when you are in the purchasing phase, if necessary, Online meetings are always available which helps to serve our clients better.

Final Thought

In the marketing economic environment, we all regarded the clients as our God in the past days, and now we often remind ourselves: why do the clients choose Sinopulse as their supplier in this intensively competitive market, we must offer more value to our client when comparing with others, and be their reliable friends and business partner. we will appreciate our client for giving us chance to supply and cherish it to offer good products and service.


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