Spiral Hydraulic Hose

Spiral Hydraulic Hose

In the hydraulic hose field, it is well known that hydraulic hoses can withstand high pressure because they are reinforced with textile or steel wire, and the spiral hydraulic hose is the king to sustain ultra-high pressure in their applications. From the perspective of most hydraulic hose suppliers, spiral hydraulic hoses are regarded as high-pressure hydraulic hoses when compared with low- or medium-pressure usage.

spiral hydraulic hose
Spiral Hydraulic Rubber Hose

What is the spiral hydraulic hose?

Hydraulic hoses consist of three fundamental layers, the inner tube directly contacts the hydraulic fluid, the outer cover wraps the inner layers and is exposed to the environment, and the two layers are made from synthetic rubber, and have corresponding resistance as their inherent requirements.

The reinforcement is sandwiched between the inner tube and the outer cover, the spiral-wound steel wire type can highly boost the high-pressure resistance in contrast to the steel wire braid counterpart.

The applications of spiral high-pressure hydraulic hoses

The spiral high-pressure hydraulic hoses are used in high-impulse and heavy-duty equipment like construction machines, loaders, excavators, dump trucks, mining machines, forest machines, and heavy press machines in the plant.

Loader machine
Dump truck
Forest Machine
Hydraulic press machine

The instances of the spiral hydraulic hose

In the two standards system SAE J517 and DIN EN, the spiral hydraulic rubber hoses are stipulated in detail, the qualified hydraulic hoses can be got as long as the hydraulic hose manufacturers adhere to the standards and all the parameters meet or exceed the requirement. General products are shown below:

EN856 4SP hdyraulic hose
EN 856 4SP
EN856 4SH hydraulic hose
EN 856 4SH
SAE 100R9hydraulic hose
SAE 100R9
SAE 100R12 hydraulic hose
SAE 100R12
SAE 100R13 Sinopulse
SAE 100R13
SAE 100R15 Sinopulse
SAE 100R15

The features of the high-pressure spiral wound reinforcement hose

  • Spiral hydraulic rubber hose can withstand high-pressure resistance up to 6000psi.
  • Common spiral hydraulic hoses have a temperature range from -40°F to +212°F. Custom hoses can accommodate extremely high or low temperatures.
  • Spiral hydraulic hoses are rigid and stiff, more like steel pipes.
  • Spiral hoses are reinforced with an even number of plies helical steel wires in an opposing direction.
  • Spiral wound hoses are normally reinforced with four plies of steel wire, for those constant-pressure high-pressure hoses like SAE 100R13, and SAE 100R15, are reinforced with six plies of helical steel wire in some big inner diameters.
  • SAE 100R13 hydraulic hoses have a constant working pressure of 5000 psi in all dimensions, and SAE 100R15 hydraulic hoses have a constant working pressure of 6000 psi in all dimensions, no matter what they are 3/8″ I.D or 1 1/2″ I.D.
  • Spiral hydraulic rubber hoses are more durable than their braided counterparts, hoses tend to expand and contract under impulse fluctuation, and braided steel wires have more friction between each other, braided reinforcement tends to be loose and decreases the reinforced force, at the same time, the friction heat does harm to the inner and outer rubber layer, which decline their function. this influence doesn’t happen to spiral hydraulic hoses.


Spiral hydraulic rubber hoses have four or six plies of parallel helical steel wire reinforcement, they can support high-pressure impulses in hydraulic systems, but they are rigid and stiff, especially those hoses in large diameters, which have little bending radius, due to their spiral construction, they can be used in the heavy-duty and high-impulse application, they are more durable than their braid counterparts.

Sinopulse Group is dedicated in manufacture hydraulic hoses all the SAE standards include, We have six advanced product lines for spiral hydraulic hoses, and each hose must be examined with a proof pressure test to ensure they are qualified without leakage, periodically impulse test makes the hose have a long lifespan, Quality tracing ID card for each hose ensure the qualified indicator in the process.

We are open to accepting your custom and strict requirement as well as OEM if you have any questions about that, feel free to get in touch with us.


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