Top 20 hydraulic hose manufacturers in world

Top 20 hydraulic hose manufacturers in world

Top 20 hydraulic hose manufacturers

A hose used to transfer fluid from one component to another is known as a hydraulic hose. These have several layers, are reinforced, and are flexible. The interior diameter, exterior diameter, and minimum bend radius are considered when choosing hydraulic hoses. The hose’s internal and exterior diameters serve as a guide to their sizes.

Hydraulic hoses can be braided, multi-spiral, low-pressure, or wire-braided with stainless steel. Silicone, thermoplastics, elastomers, fluoropolymers, metal, composite materials, and laminated structures are frequently used in their construction. These are employed in several sectors, including logistics, building, manufacturing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, rail, and automobiles.

This article will briefly review the best hydraulic hose manufacturers on the market.

The top 20 hydraulic hose manufacturers in the world list below:

1.  Parker Hannifin Corp


The most popular hydraulic hose brand in the US is Parker, which significantly impacts the hydraulic hose industry globally. The hydraulic hose industry standard might be Parker, one of the largest hydraulic hose manufacturers in the world.

If you live in the US, it will be simple for you to locate distributors of Parker hydraulic hose. Parker is an American manufacturer of hydraulic hose. Due to its gratifying quality and market dominance, American hose and hydraulic is likewise well-liked worldwide.

With several hydraulic hose assemblies available in numerous nations, Parker is aiming to overtake the competition as the leading hydraulic hose brand in the US.

2.  Manuli Hydraulics

Manuli logo

Manuli Hydraulics, a well-known manufacturer of hydraulic hoses, can increase the choice of hydraulic hoses you may choose from. They provide the full complement of hoses, hydraulic hose fittings, and hydraulic hose assembly tools.

You may obtain complete hydraulic hose services from Manuli Hydraulics, including ordering and assembling hydraulic hose, which can be useful for developing your hydraulic project.

3.  Alfagomma Group

alfagomma logo

Felice Gennaio started the Alfagomma Group, a venerable provider of hydraulic hoses, in 1956, and the company is currently commemorating its 60th year in business.

Alfagomma offers a large selection of hydraulic items, such as hydraulic hoses, hydraulic hose fittings, hydraulic hose adapters, fast-release hydraulic hose couplings, hydraulic hose plug-in connections, hydraulic hose valves, spiral hose guards, and more.

So that if you’re close by, you may pick Alfagomma Group to increase your variety of hydraulic hoses.

SAE 100R3
SAE 100R3
SAE 100R4 sinopulse
SAE 100R4
SAE 100R6 sinopulse
SAE 100R6

4.  Bridgestone Hose Power

One of the major US-based hydraulic hose manufacturers is Bridgestone Hose Power. The Bridgestone hydraulic hose brand could provide a trustworthy on-site hose repair service if you were in the USA.

Additionally, the mobile hydraulic hose repair service makes it simple for you to replace hydraulic hoses of any size and specification. It is also convenient for your routine hydraulic hose maintenance.

Additionally, they produce your required hydraulic hoses with your label printed on the lay line and offer Bridgestone fully-stocked and fitted OEM hydraulic hoses.

5.  Goodyear Hose

Murray and Jackie Jacobs established Goodyear Hose, another well-known hydraulic hose manufacturer, in St. Petersburg, Florida, in February of 1948. Goodyear Hose is a venerable hydraulic hose manufacturer with a long track record.

To the nearby counties and cities, they may provide a broad variety of industrial rubber goods. If you’re looking for a “hydraulic hose firm close to me,” Goodyear may meet your requirements for hydraulic hoses.

6.  Sinopulse Hose Factory Co., Ltd.

Sinopulse logo
Sinopulse logo

Having been in business for more than 17 years, Sinopulse Hose Factory Co., Ltd. has ten years of exporting experience.

The facility is situated in Handan City’s Economic Development Industrial Park, part of China’s Hebei Province. It contains over 20,000 square meters of experimental infrastructure and 50 acres of land.

It has several cutting-edge production lines for high-pressure steel wire wound hydraulic hoses, textile-reinforced hoses, and advanced steel wire braided hydraulic hoses as a reputable manufacturer of hydraulic hoses in China. A tight production team and strict quality control procedures guarantee consistent product quality; timely delivery is guaranteed by scientific people management and effective production procedures.

7.  Gates Corp.

One of the top hydraulic hose manufacturers in the US is Gates Corp., which can offer effective hydraulic fluid power transfer solutions. Their hydraulic hoses may be used as building materials.

To fulfill global hydraulic hose requirements, Gates Corp. continuously invests in R&D and technology for high-quality hydraulic hoses. They can help hydraulic hose firms in any sector be more effective, productive, and lucrative, creating original equipment or repairing hydraulic hoses in the aftermarket.

8.  Eaton Corp

Eaton aims to employ power management products and services to enhance human and environmental well-being. We offer environmentally friendly solutions that make it easier for our clients to securely, productively, and reliably handle mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical power. Eaton had $17.9 billion in revenue in 2020 and served clients in more than 175 nations.

9.  Polyhose

One of India’s top 10 hydraulic hose products is Polyhose, which offers hydraulic hoses to the local population. Additionally, they might broaden their scope and build their manufacturing and distribution hydraulic hose company on a worldwide basis.

To expand your hydraulic hose brand, Polyhose may be trusted if you reside in India and are looking for hydraulic hoses.

SAE 100R1AT EN853 1SN
SAE 100R2AT EN853 2SN
SAE 100R5 Sinopulse
SAE 100R5

10. JCB Hydraulic Hose

The JCB excavator requires several hydraulic hoses of various sorts and standards. We can also offer the appropriate hydraulic hose for JCB machines if you’re seeking hydraulic hoses & fittings for JCB.

In addition to producing JCB hydraulic hoses that adhere to current industry requirements, we can create hydraulic hoses specifically for regional hydraulic hose brands.

11. Dunlop Hiflex

Dunlop Hiflex is another well-known brand of hydraulic hose; they have qualified hydraulic hose service partners worldwide.

If you live in Sweden, Denmark, or Norway and are looking for hydraulic hose services and solutions, you might also think about the Dunlop Hiflex hose.

For all hydraulic hose uses, they also have hydraulic hoses and fittings.

12. Komatsu

Leading producer of hydraulic hose industrial equipment, Komatsu also produces equipment for forestry, mining, and construction. Tokyo, Japan-based Komatsu has offices, distributors, and dealers in more than 140 nations, employing more than 60,000 people. Since the turn of the century, Komatsu has been a source of support for the businesses that build the infrastructure of the globe and power it. We collaborate with you to build long-term value for your company by innovating in manufacturing, technology, and services while maintaining a reputation for dantotsu quality, dependability, insights, and support.

Komatsu offers crucial tools, technology, and services for the construction, mining, forestry, energy, and manufacturing industries. Using data and technology to assist client operations, our worldwide service and distributor network aims to improve performance, safety, and efficiency.

13. Terex Corporation

The Indian hydraulic hose business Terex Corporation produces tower and off-road cranes, telehandlers, mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs, or aerial work platforms), and equipment for the utility industry. They create, manufacture and support high-quality products used in manufacturing, energy, minerals, and materials management applications and building, maintenance, and other related fields.

Terex Corporation works closely with our clients on everything from original specifications and finance to parts and service support. They enable clients to have a better ownership experience while generating a healthy investment return.

14. Atos Group

Over 750 individuals with the same enthusiasm for innovation, technology, and creativity work for the Atos Group, a group with operations in more than 80 countries. They have a global network with production facilities in Italy, China, India, and North America. With the structure and operations of a global corporation mixed with the adaptability, responsiveness, service, and customer focus typical of a private firm, Atos delivers a distinctive and successful blend.

Being Smart for Atos entails having the grit and tenacity to establish new benchmarks for excellence. Their solution to the always-shifting market is Smart Electrohydraulics, a goal we pursue with a distinctive methodology in which every process is examined and optimized, from research to design, from production to delivery, up to after-sales support.

15. Hi-Force Hydraulics

The top producer, supplier, and designer of hydraulic tools like hoses in the UK is called Hi-Force. The product line, which serves a wide range of industries, consists of more than 2,000 items, including hydraulic cylinders, pumps, jacks, tough lift jacking systems, flange spreaders, and other equipment.

Additionally, Hi-Force provides a full range of services, such as short- and long-term tool rental, on-site bolting solutions, on-site lifting and jacking services, tool repair, maintenance, and calibration, and a wide range of training services, including mechanical joint integrity certification that the ECITB has approved.

SAE 100R9 Sinopulse
SAE 100R9
SAE 100R15 Sinopulse
SAE 100R15
EN856 4SH hydraulic hose
EN856 4SH

16. Hydac

HYDAC is a family-run business established in 1963 in Saarland as “Gesellschaft für Hydraulikzubehör” (Company for Hydraulics Accessories). HYDAC now includes 14 product lines, 50 national firms, around 500 sales and service partners, over 9,500 workers globally, and more.

You can count on HYDAC’s fluid engineering, hydraulics, and systems proficiency. They are dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions that cut across industrial sectors, are environmentally friendly, and are client-focused. They are not thinkers; rather, with their in-depth knowledge of the sector, they create long-lasting systems for you and you.

17. Bürkert

Bürkert has spent a lot of time and effort on hydraulic hoses during the past 70 years. Due to its closeness to clients, the firm has developed a fluid organization that changes daily.

Bürkert’s increasing worldwide network and ongoing process improvement efforts across all business divisions enable them to directly share experience and create collaborative solutions more rapidly and efficiently.

Burkert’s business interests inspire them to keep breaking outside the bounds of certain market segments and to look for extraordinary solutions to unusual issues. One example of the unique boldness at Bürkert to deviate from conventions is the segmentation of markets. By doing this, they can provide the greatest possible client benefit while maintaining focus on their product-based solutions, particularly when it comes to application-oriented system solutions.

18. Rexroth Bosch Group

To fix, maintain, and update hydraulic equipment like hoses, Bosch Rexroth provides a wide range of services. End users and machine manufacturers can benefit from the advisory services provided by skilled and knowledgeable professionals on energy savings and machine safety.

Part of Rexroth’s service is to support mobile and industrial applications for both end users and manufacturers. This results in considerable increases in uptime and productivity for operators in addition to cost savings. You’ll lessen your workload by having a single point of contact for all your servicing needs—a partner with a thorough grasp of all drive and control systems.

19. Denison

Denison is a hydraulic firm that sells solutions for the original hydraulic hoses manufacturer, maintenance, repair, and replacement sectors as individual components or systems. The solenoid, lever, hydraulic pressure, or stem-controlled direct or pilot-driven spool valve from Denison can be opened or closed. Sub-plate or manifold mounting is typical for them.

Greater flow for the envelop size is a characteristic of Denison hydraulics vane pumps thanks to higher displacement cam rings. They minimize the size and expense of actuators, valves, and lines due to their greater pressure ratings of up to 4000 psi, which increases longevity at lower pressures.

20. Mammoet

The Mammoet company for used equipment doesn’t simply display our primary machinery, such as cranes or trucks. Do you need tires, hoses, remote controls, or other transport equipment? If you contact them, they will respond as quickly as possible with a list of what they currently have in stock. Their shipping division will ensure you get the appropriate equipment at the proper time and location.


Knowing the leading manufacturers will considerably enhance your operations if you frequently need hydraulic hoses. Top manufacturers make various items with uniform checks, a major advantage of doing business with them.

This guarantees that your materials are of excellent quality and have been sourced in advance. Additionally, you will receive customer service if anything is not in working condition, and you will continue to receive support as components age, or better substitutes are created.


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